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How is this even a jam game? The graphics and post processing make it look like a big studio made it. I really see potential in this studio! I am excited for the next game y'all will make.

Thank you so much ^.^

We're all rookies who have worked here and there and now trying to make something together. We're really happy you liked it.


Make more games pls

what's the minimum specs for thw game?


Hey this was a nice game. Very sad also


Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)


This game ACTUALLY gave me the chiils! This is definitely a good game and i recommend it ahahha!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here (the game is the 1st there):


1. A very unexpected plot twist at the end! I think it's very cool how the story was unraveled through the details in the environment.

2. The game had voice acting! I think that's pretty awesome. Moreover, voice acting was good and believable - adore that!


1. Maybe it would be cool if the player would have more opportunities to investigate environment - open different doors, walk around, etc. I guess right now the player seems to be pretty powerless going through such a short experience.

2. Also, I think the game would benefit a lot from having different endings. For example, the first ending would be the same but then the player'd get the ability to change something and then you get a good end. 

3. I wish the game would have more horror elements! The one at the roof was pretty potent, but it didn't feel like enough. The game is so short :( I want more ahah


Wonderful experience! I'd rate it 4/5 because I think it can be further improved. The simplest ways to improve a short game - add significant to the story details (the devil is in the details :)) or more endings (it does not have to be fully animated ending - you could add a different epilogue and the game would instantly become interesting to replay) 

Hope my feedback was useful!


Hey, thank you for playing, we enjoyed your playthrough!

Thank you so much for elaborate feedback, we'll make sure to put it to good use.

We had planned to make the game slightly lengthy but because it's our first game, we kept it concise enough so that we can complete it and gain enough confidence to make another game.

We didn't have scope for multiple endings as given the ending - Nikki realises that she has been dead all this time and she was roaming around in her own house as a spirit, which is why she couldn't open doors or such, only comment about things. It was very much a planned linear experience from the get go.

But your suggestions about alternate possibilities are great and we'll make sure to implement these ideas in our future projects. Thank you :)


Creepy vibe! Nice job! And the ending got to me 😱 very dark though, was struggling to see 🤣🤣

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube channel! Check it out below! 😃👻


My article about your game got published. Good job on the game. Loved it. BTW, I'm the same guy from r/indiangamersriseup.

Thank you so much for the heads up, we really appreciate it. :)


I really liked this game, the ending it's so well done

Scary and Creepy game. Really like the voice overs in this game. Nice graphics and a little story. Very well made! :)


today is a scary game day, i love your enviroment deisgn

Thank you so much ^.^


your welcom, can you rate my game aswell

For a short game there was a lot of story plugged in and I really appreciated the effort put in. Like others said I was stunned by the ending and it was such a note to end on. If you wanted to watch the playthrough it's here in this video!

Pretty spooky and pretty sad game. This game shows the sad reality that some people face. I was left at a loss for words, great storytelling by the game creator. I included this game in a video that I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Gameplay starts at the beginning.

Pretty good. This is the most unique jumpscare ever. I'm not sure I understand the "ghost/monster" itself. What haunts her? Is it her guilt? The memory of what she did? 

 But I love the concept. As well as the items you can interact with so you can care about her more. 

Pretty good. Well made and creepy. I had some weird stuff with the sound (intro music is real loud compared to in-game sound was very quiet). But that could have been a problem on my end. Fixed it pretty well with editing so it's not in the video.

Ending is a little odd because it almost seems to approve of her perspective but your comments clearly show that was not the intent. And it makes more sense after the fact. 

Have you considered putting some text after the game is over that could clarify the purpose and maybe provide some resources for people needing help?

I have to be friends with ghosts

Great game here is my video of it! :D


Gave it a go...


Hey, thanks for trying out our game, we enjoyed your gameplay reactions.

Yes indeed it was meant to be for 2-minute horror jam but since it was our first game, we decided to put it in the 'My First Game' Jam catagory.

If you are confused about what happened, Nikki commited a suicide but her unrested soul, not realising that she has died wanders the house. It is why she can't pick up the glass to drink water or doesn't get a reply back from her mom when she says 'It's me'.

The shadow that you see upstairs is yet another wandering spirit which was a hint that Nikki is dead because normal alive human beings don't see ghosts/spirits, only other spirits can.

She comes back listening to her mother crying and upon seeing her corpse remembers she has killed herself. 

We understand that due to short nature of the game it might not have been enough for some people to slip into it.

We'll make sure to make good use for your feedback. Thank you. :)


That was incredible! I love that, that's why iam playing horror games. Cause of their story, playable. This was really great. Good job, keep it up!

Thank you so so much, your words mean a lot to us and inspire us to do even better. :)


I can't believe this is a jam game! The mechanics, story, atmosphere, etc., were taken to the next level that you normally don't see in jam games, it's rare. It's apparent MGS (metal gear solid lol jk) takes their work seriously, and THAT can be appreciated by the gamer community. I'm definitely looking forward to more!

Awesome work!


Thank you so much for playing our game! We absolutely enjoyed your commentary and thoughts on the game.

Double thanks for all the kind encouragement, that's really generous of you and everybody else who left boosting words, we'll make sure to put that to good use in future. :D

We noticed the lags you encountered in your gameplay, duly noted.

As our first project our attempt was to make a complete product first, going ahead we'd love to expand in terms of gameplay length, it may take us time because we're a very small team but we'll always aim to make something people can play and enjoy!

Thank you so much for playing! :)


i had a lot of fun playing the game, great creepy atmosphere and the unexpected ending really made the game better this is just a really heavy topic and i think you guys translated in your own style fairly well. keep up the good work. :D


Hi, thank you for playing our game. It is a really sensitive topic, glad to know that you liked our style of narration. We are delighted to see how much you liked it even though you ran into some issues of the game. Don't worry, we actually fixed them in the latest build. :D

We really really enjoyed your game-play commentary and sense of humor XD

Very sorry to hear that you have personal experience with a person  who went through this and we wholeheartedly agree with your advice regarding the approach towards people because we don't know what anybody might be going through and some kindness really can save lives. We are also really glad you took the initiative to spread awareness using our game. Cheers to you! :)


thank you for taking some of your time to check out my crappy commentary video lol. i hope you guys make more content id like to see what you guys/gals will do next or if this game has more to it i look forward to it :D. thank you, and i agree just kindness can go a  long way to helping someone. just by even talking or listening to them you know is struggling  can be a big help. i don't deserve the cheers you guys/gals are the ones doing the real work i'm just here playing a video game hah. keep up the great work and i hope to see more content from you guys! :D


Haunting your own house is an interesting game concept. Most of the sound effects and graphics were good. The ending was unexpected.

Just some things that might be looked into:

Need a way to pause and make it easier to adjust the gamma in game. 

I had a lot of difficulty interacting with some objects for some reason. Only worked after reinstalling the game.

The scares could use some polishing. The creepy girl and generic scary little girl music jumpscare was a little cheesy. And having two of them back to back even more so. The game probably could've worked well without them. The writing on the walls and the ending may have been sufficient I think. 


Hey, thank you for playing our game. 

Yes, pause button is necessary. We actually missed out on a lot of settings as well, it's a lesson we learnt from our first game and will definitely keep in mind from now on.

We apologize for the object interaction issues you went through, we had actually fixed them but it seems they still persist. We will take a look into it.

We kept the ghosts in the game because they are a part of the narrative (Nikki who's dead from the start of the game sees evil spirits approach her because she's a soul now) but yes they do definitely require more work.

We will work on our shortcomings in the next game and deliver a much better experience. Thank you so much for enjoying and critiquing our game! We really enjoyed your game-play as well!! :D


Heavy stuff, good job tackling the subject.

Hey, thank you for enjoying the game! We really loved your game-play and reactions!! :D


Well done game...did not see such ending coming. 

Hi, thank you for playing our game!

Seems like you played an older build of the game that has many issues including the readability of the report card, dad's eyes (eyelids were shining which made it seem like they were open), we recommend that you always download the latest version to have the best experience of the game.

The act of suicide is easily discarded as an act of cowardice but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Depression is not typical sadness or hopelessness, it's a mental disease that requires treatment just like an actual disease needs. The treatment is therapy or medicines or both. This is why you might have heard even very successful people who have every reason to be happy also committing suicide, not because they should but because the illness takes control over rational thinking of the brain.

 It is very different from typical teenage cribbing that you find on the internet, the sort of people on the internet who say they have depression just to seek attention. We touched on an actual case of depression which was developed through her circumstances - Bullying in school, pressure from parents, no friends to listen to her, bad grades and unable to pursue what she wants. A person who was completely alone and without help. Depression also cripples the ability to reach out and communicate a lot of times.

We made sure to keep the signs of her struggles subtle because in real life, that's how these people go unnoticed even with people around them. Do reach out to anyone who seems to be suffering around you. :)

We are happy to know you appreciated certain aspects of the game. Once again, thank you for playing! ^.^


Thank you for the Information. I judged by what i saw in the game. And honestly i think almost every kid or teenager go through all this things you have discribed. Just some people get more traumatized than the other. 

But anyways thanks for making this game. 


Pretty cool little game. I heard it was kinda twisted so i had to take a look. Nice job!


Hey, thanks for downloading our game!

You're probably the first one to play this KNOWING that it is a little twisted XD
But we are really delighted to know that you enjoyed the game and a lot of its aspects! :D


this was a really cool short game

Hey, thanks for playing our game! We enjoyed your gameplay and your commentary and reactions.

We agree with you, no one should take that route and that's why we made this game so that people take note of the subtle signs of suffering of an individual.

Hope you enjoyed it! ^.^


This is a solid little horror experience that you have here. The premise is quite sad and I hope the team didn't have these feelings or the people you know. I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my video here.

Hi, thanks for playing the game!

It seems you had voice volume issues and some other audio and visual bugs that we had fixed in our latest bug, make sure you always download the latest version because it has the least bugs. That said we're glad it didn't ruin your experience as much. We are very happy to see you still appreciate a lot of things about it! :D

Don't worry, none of us were suicidal but I think all of us go through this sort of times in our life when a lot of things feel hopeless. I think you are going through a similar conflict with your parents. Don't back down and always pursue what you like. So glad to come across another game developer! ^.^

Once again, thank you so much!

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Hello team at Missing Guns Studio. I thought it was great. Definitely got me good on some parts haha (I do laugh when I get freaked out at times). Then as many have said, definitely threw a curveball. I put it on my page too. I enjoyed it, and I hope there's more projects to come. Good job.


Hey, thank you for checking out our game! We watched your gameplay, we really enjoyed watching your reactions.
It's responses and gameplay reactions like these which have conveyed to us that we have made something people are enjoying and finding one or the other aspect of it relative to them and we couldn't be happier. Thank you again :)


The effects or how you created the shadow was great, haha!


Okay- I gotta be completely honest right now- I started playing the game and in the begining and started thinking, "This isn't what I thought it would be.." But then whenever the shadowy figure showed up the second time and I saw the drawings on the wall, I loved it! When the game ended, I was like- "BOI I WAS GETTING SO INTO IT!!!" I loved it SOOO much! The ending took me by surprise, and I think you did a fanastic job making it! Also the story made behind it was pretty...Uhh...Sad, but it was still relly good! Again, you did an amazing job with this game! Keep up the great work on (maybe) future games! :))))

Thank you so much! Your feedback means a lot to us and the direction in which we aim to go, we're thrilled that you had a nice time. Thank you :)


WOW!!  The ending was pretty shocking, definitely an eye opener. over all its a great game. I also appericate the message as a mother of 2 I have delt with attempted suicide,( with my oldest ) and yes its absolutely true that you have to be involved , open and understanding when it comes to your childrens lives. stay vigil, let them know its okay to live the life that they want to because at the end of the day , it's their decision... let them live their BEST LIFE! So with that thank you!

Hi, thank you so much for playing our game!

We are very sorry to hear that you had personal experience with such a thing but also glad to hear that the attempt was unsuccessful. Being a parent is very hard, there is no guide to parenting. But as you mentioned, being involved and understanding goes a long way. As a parent, we are there to guide and not control and if the child is not doing anything harmful, they should be allowed to choose their path, no matter how difficult it is. We should become their confidence.

We are overjoyed to hear that you liked our game and found it insightful! ^.^


make more games


its nice i likeit

Thank you for playing! We are happy you like it!!


make more and send for me to make more video on it i very like your buldings


Never expected how this will end. 

Here's the video

Hi, thanks for downloading our game! 

Yes, you guessed it right. Nikki was already a spirit from the start of the game who wandered around and later found out that she already hung herself that night. The other ghost that we saw is just an evil one trying to consume her soul.

We are glad to know you liked it!

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The ending got me hard, holy crap!

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for playing our game, hope you enjoyed it. We loved to see your gameplay and reactions! ^.^

P.S. you posted the wrong link so we went to your channel and checked it out!


oh my bad!


It went form scary to very depressing (in a good way). Great concept! not many games can make me give a speech at the end XD

Hi, thank you for playing our game! We feel humbled that you liked the concept.

Your speech was not only informative but also very interesting! We wholeheartedly agree that us humans should not always expect happiness. What we should pursue is balance - a mixed goodie bag of happiness and sorrow. Everyone goes through suffering, there is no one who can avoid it. But sometimes, we get stuck in a head space from which we are unable to get out of. All the positive things in the world seem like a lie and such a state also renders us unable to reach out to the world. That is what it feels like to be in depression.

Our aim was to show how subtle the signs of a suffering person are, coupled with the fact that Nikki had no friends or anyone else to rely on, such a state gives a HIGH chance for a person to become completely hopeless and give up on life. It's not necessary that any person like Nikki might have depression or be suicidal but it would sure signal people around to take note and be caring towards such a person.

Thank you for sharing your opinion as an evolutionary biologist, it was very insightful! ^.^


Thanks for appreciating the 'speech' XD. Good to know what the aim was. It is difficult for creators to handle this subjectmatter in a proper way. I felt that that the netflix series '13 reasons why' for example was handling it the wrong way. It came across as romanticising suicide and there was an uptick in suicides by fragile people who had watched the show. 

The talk at the end was actually around 25 minutes but i had to cut a lot out and i did go into how fragile a person can be stuck in that headspace so i totally agree. I have personal experiences with depression and suicidal tendencies and that's also why i was so careful when it comes to my talk at the end. Currently i'm working as a social worker and i have studied psychology as well so i'm dealing with a lot of different cases that are unique linked to the subject matter. There are indeed people who don't display any signs of depression or being suicidal that eventually decide to give up on life duo to multiple circumstances. I agree that people should be attentive when it comes to subtle signs.

It was a pleasure to play the game. It looks fantastic and i'm impressed that this is the first game. Looking forward towards the future projects!!

Yes, the Netflix series did a bad job and got a lot of hate, very sorry to hear the number of suicides go high because of's a very delicate topic which should not be touched if one has bad storytelling skills.

So sorry to hear that you have dealt with this sort of thing but due to your current study and work, we're sure that not only you but the people around you will feel better and benefit from your profession. Depression is complicated because it comes in a variety of manner due to variety of reasons and is visible in a variety of ways but we hope you will overcome those hurdles for yourself and the people who depend on you. Always remember that no one is alone, especially in this age of internet. ^.^

Once again, thank you for enjoying our game! :)


Love the game, took the darkest turn, very well made

Hey, thanks for checking out our game. We watched your playthrough and it was really entertaining! :)


This game really got me thinking, I didn't expect the ending or the story progression and honestly left me speechless afterwards. I can't believe this is your first game! My play through starts at 5:08

Thank you so much! Yes it is indeed our first game and we've been awestruck by gust of response from all of you who have played and shared our game with your audience. Thank you!


I had the pleasure of reviewing your game. I did a blog post as well as a YouTube Video. I really hope this helps you get more players! Wonderful game! Actually left me speechless!

Wow! A review! We're truly humbled! Thank you so much for putting your time in writing this, we loved the review and your gameplay reactions!

Our main goal was always just to try and tell a story through gameplay. We really appreciate how everyone including you took your time introspect the game explore the theme further.

Thank you so much for your amazing review! :)


You are so very welcome! The review is actually starting to rank in google and may even bring you more players!! :) Keep making games, you guys have what it takes.

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